Meet Daniel Michalik February 11, 2016 12:52

Daniel Michalik Furniture Design


Daniel Michalik, a Brooklyn-based designer, uses cork as his primary material in his furniture and product designs. When he found a supplier that was getting rid of a large amount of material that couldn’t be used anymore, Daniel bought 2,000 lbs of the discarded waste and started experimenting to see what forms could be derived from cork. What he has ended up with is a line of furniture and products that are beautiful and unique.

Cork is considered a sustainable product, made from the stripped bark of the cork oak tree which can live for over 200 years. The trees are not cut down; rather the stripped bark is harvested in intervals over the life of the tree. Much of the cork harvested today comes from Portugal and North Africa where the cork oak trees also provide essential habitat for a number of endangered species. When cork forests are protected and managed properly, the material is renewable and recyclable. While 60% of global cork production being used to stop wine and champagne bottles, there is a growing movement in the creative industry to use cork for its malleability and sustainability.