Cork Lunch Box July 01, 2015 10:47

Corticeira Amorim once again was present at the Milan Design Week, widely recognized as the greatest trend-setting international design stage. By the hand of an increasingly wider community of established and emerging designers, innovative cork projects exploring the natural, technical and aesthetic characteristics of this raw material was showcased in April 2015.

The Lunch Box is a project of the TRANSIT design for the city that, taking advantage of the international phenomenon of "takeaway" lunches, presents new models of cork lunch boxes. This project, curated by T12 Lab, was created by design students at NABA (Nueva Academia Belle Arti di Milano). The project explores a concept broader than the mere production of a Lunch Box, raising awareness of the need to reduce the amount of household waste, one of the greatest challenges facing contemporary Western societies.

According to curator Dominique Kuroyanagi, the use of cork in the Lunch Box was inspired by the concept that gave rise to the project, and the need to use "a natural material with exceptional insulation properties and 100% recyclable." In her turn, tutor Lucia Cavalieri points out that "once you get in contact with cork, you can easily realize the quality that this natural material has to offer."