Cork is getting all of the attention it deserves. October 03, 2016 16:40


With a certain wine hue garnering a barrel of attention this year, fashion followers are paying homage to the bottle in a new way. This time it's with cork, which is the go-to texture for spring.

Designers such as Ralph Lauren , Diane Von Furstenberg and Kate Spade have all found success incorporating the material — and sometimes pattern — into their offerings.

From belts and bags to wedges and flats, the eco-friendly material is showing that it has use beyond bulletin boards and champagne bottles. In addition to everyday fashion styles in cork, the trend takes on extra importance here in Maryland.

"Who would have thought that popping the cork off your favorite bottle of Champagne could contribute to your wardrobe?" said Latease T. Lashley, founder of Creatively Speaking, a Baltimore-based company specializing in fashion commentary.

Cork is the latest example of designers becoming more creative and economically minded in the construction and design of ready-to-wear garments, said Lashley.

"The use of cork is an unassuming yet interesting material that has the quality to read luxurious to trendy in accessories, including chic handbags," she said. "From shoes to bracelets to men's wallets, cork is a fashion element that is sustainable, durable and here to stay."

Shop Cork Design carries a unique assortment of handmade cork products that are elegant, eco-friendly with fashion forward design.