The Future of Cork in Fashion November 28, 2016 13:41

Every once in while we find amazing designers breaking out from the mold using unique processes. This month we are featuring a designer from the Czech Republic, Klara Plaskova.

Material is the subject. It shows me both opportunities and constraints that require further testing and enhancing. I want to give cork a new image, to override associations and to blend it into contemporary, innovative design. It is essential to get to know the characteristics of the material in order to incorporate it as an inspiration into the fashion collection.

Cork challenges me in its material autonomy while at the same time limiting me through its specific properties.

The cork i use is known as cork-leather, a material that when processed, is very similar to animal leather. Cork is water-resistant and stable, it can be printed on and dyed. Cork is a natural product and its production has very little impact on natural processes of the ecological system.

The colour and fabric scheme of the collection is closely adapted to the characteristics of cork. The various types of forms are based on experimental pattern cutting and drapery made in collaboration with the designer Chantal Margiotta. Focal areas are premium processing, natural materials and innovative design solutions.

Klara Plaskova