About Us

“At Cork Design we create elegant fashion, made by nature. With eco-friendly and sustainable design we design bags for every occasion.”














While living in Spain in 2004 I traveled to Lisbon on a trip and discovered an amazing material being used for wallets and handbags. The material being used was Cork. Originally I thought the fabric was leather or suede because it was so unusual, only to understand that the textile was cork. When I further understood the impact of the sustainability values combined with the beauty I was intrigued. I returned later that year to begin to source it for potential products.

After long and involved missions back and forth to Portugal I finally found a company that would help me grow my business. I tested our first line of products in a bazaar in Spain. They were a huge success and met with much amazement. My new customers were delighted to buy their first cork products and I soon became know as the Lady of Cork.

In 2006 it was time to wrap up my life in southern Spain and head back to the States to grow my cork business. I returned to Amelia Island, Florida. With the helpful advice of some local business owners I was able to develop trade show routes that would help me launch my business. My products were very well received in the market and among buyers. We now have over 100 products and styles and have launched our online presence with www.shopcorkdesign.com and continue to design and fabricate beautiful cork products.