38" Dress Belt, Zebra

$ 40.00

How to Measure for a Belt Size. Please measure accurately. 

  •  Using an existing belt, correct measurement begins from the place where the buckle connects to the belt and then to the middle of the holes The rest of the belt is not considered for measurement purposes.
  •  Measure your old belt: Lay your old belt flat on a table. Then measure from the buckle bar (do not measure the buckle) to the other end of the belt to whichever hole is most comfortable when the belt is worn.
  • Cloth Tape Measure: Wrap a cloth tape measure around your waist at the level you wish to wear your belt and pull snugly.
  • Men’s Belts: To Ensure a Perfect Fit, Add Two Inch To Your Pant Size, This Way Your Belt Will Fit Most Comfortably near The Center Hole.

Product Information
Cork handbags are made out of natural, organic, sustainable cork material that is soft to the touch and is compared to the texture of nubuck suede. Feather light, cork handbags are perfect for neck and back issues. Cork handbags are also durable, easy to clean, water and fire resistant. Cork material is a renewable resource and non-animal product. Our cork handbags and cork accessories are hand made in Portugal.


Unisex belt with silver nickel buckle.
Lined with natural leather.



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